Join A Great Network of Hospitality and Tourism Experts

As members of AAHP , you can expect to benefit from:

A united industry;

Proactive, international-scale advocacy on high-profile issues;

Insight on emerging hospitality and tourism industry trends;

Opportunities to shape AAHP offerings; and

Exclusive access to Hospitality and Tourism industry industry research, reports, and surveys.

Registered Entity-Level Membership must be facilitated via your Corporate Brand.

Please note that membership with AAHP does not replace membership in your Country or State/Province association. Provincial and Country associations will continue to actively advocate for favourable legislation in your Province/ Country and will partner with the Africa Association of Hospitality Professionals on issues of national, Africa and International scope. Your continued support of your provincial/national association is vital to our combined success.

AAHP MEMBERSHIP : Influence Where It Matters

Membership covers a broad spectrum of Hospitality and Tourism -relevant products and services. As a Member of AAHP , you will benefit from access to an executive business audience with decision-making authority and have opportunities to facilitate impact where it matters most.

Connect with industry leaders
Build your brand and network
Showcase your company in the AAHP online directory
Get exclusive access to Hospitality and Tourism industry  research, reports, and surveys
Share your expertise
Keep up-to-date on industry trends

Who can join AAHP ?

When you join AAHP , you receive the best in hospitality and tourism information and resources available relevant to the Africa. Markets and Opportunities. Membership is open to everyone interested in impacting the future of the hospitality and tourism industry in Africa.

AAHP Memberships Attract Members from These Three Sectors:

Industry: corporate professionals/executives in restaurants and foodservice, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation services; hospitality and tourism publishers, tour operators and travel agents; and suppliers to the industry .

Education: Educators and administrators from Hospitality and Tourism schools, colleges and universities with programs in foodservice, hotels and lodging, travel and recreation services; graduate students; and retired educators.

Associations: Country/Provincial association leadership and staff with an interest in hospitality and tourism in a broader African context .

What are our levels of  Annual membership?

Corporate Membership – $500
(For Registered Entities in the Hospitality and tourism industry with access of up to 4 team members)

Individual Membership – $100
(For Hospitality and tourism professionals for an individual access)

What are the benefits of joining AAHP ?

Student Membership – $50
(For students registered with Hospitality and tourism educational institutions for an individual access)

Here are just a few of the benefits enjoyed by AAHP Members:

Expanding your network and visibility

Access to Business Opportunities through AAHP Deal Makers Sessions

Access to Hospitality and Tourism industry Financiers, Developers, Project Promoters, Suppliers, Brand Owners and many technical professionals in the Hospitality and tourism value chain

Professional development

Staying informed on the latest news & trends

Research – publication and peer connections

Recruitment & marketing via professional opportunities

AAHP Alumni for Institutional Members

Competitive advantages

Impacting the future of hospitality and tourism in Africa

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