AAHP Business Connect

Join the Africa Association of Hospitality Professionals AAHP) Business Connect, a Business Referral Service and Build your Business! 

What is AAHP Business Connect ?

The AAHP Business Connect is a Business referral service offered by the AAHP for clients within the extensive AAHP network who want to hire a Hospitality or Tourism Professional or Business for specific work to be done.

It is also an opportunity for AAHP members to grow and diversify their client base

AAHP members are eligible to join the AAHP Business Connect and will receive referrals based on their Hospitality and Tourism practice areas

The AAHP Business Connect is not a pro bono or reduced-fee service.  Prospective clients are advised that all fees, including any consultation fee, are negotiated between the referred Professional or Business and prospective client 

Neither the Professionals/Business nor the prospective client is under any obligation to move forward with the matter  

How much does it cost?

It’s Free for AAHP Members and Terms apply for non members. With AAHP Business Connect you could get up to 30-40 referrals each year (depending on practice area) 

The program runs through out each year

What are the requirements?

To sign up for the AAHP Business Connect , you must be in good standing with past transactions and have a clear record

Also, you must be a member of the Africa Association of Hospitality Professionals

There are additional requirements so please send Expression of Interest to admin@aahp.co.za

How do I apply to participate on the Lawyer Referral Service?

Send Expression of Interest to admin@aahp.co.za. A form with business client requirements and services provided will be sent

You will be notified when your application has been received and evaluated  

Once evaluated, referrals wi be sent monthly for relevant proposals, tenders or proforma invoices to be sent

If you have any questions, please email  at Anton on admin@aahp.co.za

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